The Easiest Way to Manage Data: Cloud Computing

Dealing with the rapidly growing volume of data today has become a critical challenge. When everything from personal data to corporate data needs to be stored digitally, features such as the occasional disruption of device features due to the inadequacy of traditional storage methods, its unstable performance that may exceed the need, and the possibility of load balancing against capacity and speed demands are the main reasons for the introduction of the cloud system. Cloud computing stores data in the cloud infrastructure created by advanced servers; Users can access data at any time from anywhere with internet access.
Cloud computing offers users the advantage of using it without worrying about data loss, filling the memory of the devices and without causing difficulties in data access.

What are Cloud Computing Deployment Models?

When we look at cloud technologies in terms of different modeling, we see four main headings.

Public Cloud:

It is a cloud service provided through servers on the Internet. It is charged either free of charge or on the principle of payment based on the amount used.

Private Cloud:

It is a cloud service designed with servers within the institution and provided through the system. Provides greater security and customization opportunities. All data is kept confidential with access security.

Hybrid Cloud:

It is a cloud service in which private cloud is used to meet the security needs of institutions and public cloud services are used for general data storage needs.

What are Cloud Computing Service Models?

Cloud computing is basically based on three main service models.

Software as a Service (SaaS):

It allows users to use software applications as a service. Examples include email services and office productivity tools.

Platform as a Service (PaaS):

It provides developers with a platform to create web applications and other services. They can just focus on writing code without needing to take care of the infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

Provides data storage, computing power, and network access. It allows companies to scale according to their needs without having to deal with physical infrastructure management. Due to the security vulnerabilities caused by traditional security measures, companies sought a new solution that could meet their needs. Companies have reached the ultimate solution by discovering cloud computing, which has the ability to meet rapidly changing needs with its flexibility and scalability features. Thanks to the affordable cost, easy access, flexible infrastructure, data security and many other advantages offered by cloud computing, which has become an indispensable solution for companies and individuals, companies have begun to achieve great efficiency in workflow and operation. It is predicted that cloud computing, which has become an indispensable part of daily life by being rapidly adopted by individuals and goes beyond being a system that can only be used by the business world, will become even stronger in the future by integrating with other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics and the internet of things. By contributing to this vision, NetCore aims to provide smarter and customized services to its customers and help them grow and develop their businesses. In this process, it cares about data security and privacy and protects customer data in the safest way. Shape the future of your company with NetCore's cloud solutions. Contact us for consultancy and software support.

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