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NetCore IT Services is a system integrator that can offer solutions that meet the information systems needs of its customers, acts with a quality service approach and focuses on 100% customer satisfaction. It offers sales and after-sales support services from Istanbul Headquarters and Ankara Regional Office.

Founded in 2009, NetCore IT Services achieved its expected turnover target in 2010-2011 with great success and accelerated its investments. In the Top 500 IT Companies in Turkey list announced by Interpromedya in 2013, NetCore increased its rank from 281st in the previous year to 249th and achieved a significant success by ranking 49th among all system integrators. NetCore IT Services ranked first in the Data Backup and Storage Hardware System Integrator category in 2018. It maintains its place as 22nd in the system integrator and Business Partner rankings. With its certified expert staff, it has undertaken many services and successful projects throughout Turkey, especially in Istanbul.

Netcore IT Services continues to contribute to its success with Cloud and Data Service investments throughout 2024. With the Data Center agreements made, it offers both Cloud Infrastructure and Data Center services in different regions of Turkey. It combines Cloud Service Products and Managed Services developed together with manufacturers and serves its customers with a wide product portfolio.

While NetCore works with its experienced staff and world-wide leading manufacturer partners to help identify customers’ needs and find solutions for these needs, it is also always there for its customers as a technology consultant with its after-sales, installation and maintenance support services.


Our mission is to provide the most effective technology solutions and services to increase our customers' success and competitiveness.


Our vision is to follow the most advanced technologies in IT services worldwide and adapt them to our projects; to become a leading system integrator in the field by ensuring 100% success and customer satisfaction in all regions we serve.

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NetCore Group

NetCore Group provides services in many different areas to fully meet your corporate needs.

The basic principle underlying NetCore's success is the meticulousness and care it shows in finding and implementing the information technology solutions. It maintains its professionalism and dynamic working spirit towards the customers it serves with the same will.

NetCore IT Services, which nourishes its service quality with continuous training and certifications, has managed to become one of the leading system integrators in Turkey.

The understanding we adopt as a principle at every stage of our work consists of integrity, honesty and mutual trust.

In line with our working principles, we show the utmost sensitivity to the protection of all kinds of private and confidential information.

It is our primary duty to always adhere to our principles under the guidance of universal ethical values.

We do not give up on quality and responsibility awareness under any circumstances for complete service and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our main goal is to constantly improve and pioneer new approaches in every field in which we operate.

In the light of the tolerance and understanding we adopt as core values, we prioritize people above all else.

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