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Why Choose NetCore Cloud?

NetCore Cloud continues to be your first choice with its advantages such as a software-defined structure, easy access to the cloud environment via a self-service portal, and a cloud-based container architecture service.

NetCore Cloud Services

Cloud Service Catalog

Virtual Server

Virtual Server

Virtual CPU
Virtual Memory
Hybrid Disc
SSD Disk
Container Platform
Access Services

Access Services

Internet Access
IP Service
Client to Site Access
Site to Site Access
Data Storage

Data Storage

S3 Storage
CIFS/NFS Storage
Dedicated Storage
Backup Storage
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

NetCore Disaster Recovery
Cloud Disaster Recovery
Backup Disaster Recovery
Hosting Services

Hosting Services

Dedicated Cabin
Shared Cabin
White Space
Energy and Cooling
Access Services
Office Rental
Rental Server Services
Security services

Security services

Dedicated Firewall
Shared Firewall
Load Balancer/WAF
SIEM Service
SOC Service
Ransomware Protection
Managed Services

Managed Services

Backup Management
Firewall Management
Server Management
Disaster Management
Balancer/WAF Management
SIEM Management
Container Platform Management
License Services

License Services

We provide licensing consultancy services to institutions so that they can obtain maximum return from their resources and technology investments and establish the most effective working standards.

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